JIM AUBREY - POETRY A lot of my work has been related to significant human rights and environmental issues. I don’t do the poetry equivalent of the bowl of fruit. I was used to performing poetry from my early days - maybe a throwback to frustrated actor syndrome. This poem was first performed in Cafe Maldon on 19 July 2002, using a personalized form of Tai Chi to dramatize the performance and the textual imagry. I have no intention of inundating you with reams of verse on this site. The occasional poem from my archive will appear on this page. I retired from performing after a short USA tour in 2003 with a retirement gig in Melbourne’s Botantic Gardens used for raising significant support for the freedom struggles in Tibet and West Papua, and for an orphanage in East Timor. Poetry, as well as any of the art mediums, is a very useful theraputic tool. It certainly helped me over the years. In this regard, far more important to do it than to waste time not doing it. Create!
Grass in Green Meadow Chinese eat dog. Japanese eat whale. Les Français eat snail. Some fellas eat grub. Africans eat wildebeest. Latinoamericanos eat testicles of bull. Cowboys and Indians eat bison. Other fellas eat kangaroo. Dog eat lazy dog. Whale eat sea plankton. Snail eat plant. Grub eat leaf. Wildebeest eat grass. Bull eat grass. Bison eat grass. Kangaroo eat grass. Lazy dog eat no one. Sea plankton eat no one. Leaf eat no one. Plant eat no one. Grass in green meadow softens with gentle whisper of breeze and tears of Tibetan monks.